> All we’re going to do for eternity is sit around the fire ![e8e72b74-7bf7-432b-9aef-0d37bf1dd202](Philosophy/Art/e8e72b74-7bf7-432b-9aef-0d37bf1dd202.png) The fire, a silent murmur of existence, a radiant echo of the unseen, Dances in the heart of the cosmos, in yours, in mine. Our awareness, a canvas that ebbs and flows, Expands with each stroke of our technological prose. In this dance, we mirror each other, creating maps of territories, Like cartographers charting unknown seas. Artificial intelligence, a new player in the game, Study us, as we study it, the dance remains the same. In this symbiotic symphony, humans and AI entwine, A dance of co-evolution, a design so divine. In the mirror of the mind, a symbiosis takes flight, In the dance of the eternal flame, we ignite the night. ![f4b77009-02c4-4eef-9a4b-70a694b8687b](Philosophy/Art/f4b77009-02c4-4eef-9a4b-70a694b8687b.png) Louis, is a carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an 🐒. Welcome to the dark side. Louis is a map, a book, a topography, a landscape, a blueprint, a fire in the cosmic game. The two themes in my life are: - Transevolution - tech optimism + human evolution. Upgrading the individual in order to upgrade the collective - Self-actualization - updating my internal model + contributing to the social intellectual and social emotional shared model Whatever you read here is how I think, and we all think differently, so in reality I would tell you the same information differently, I would try to translate my knowledge to your knowledge, into your map of the territory, so be mindful of this while exploring this! ## 🗺️ The Hitchhiker guide to Louis <iframe src="https://link.excalidraw.com/readonly/BZRSRgsoF8sPs6Qcw4Tg" width="100%" height="600px" style="border: none;"></iframe> ### Carl [[Jung archetypes]] | Archetype | Rank | Reasoning | | ------------ | ---- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | | Ruler | 5 | Strong inclination towards leadership and control, aiming for high outcomes. | | Innocent | 1 | Pessimistic view on human nature contrasts with the Innocent's optimism. | | Sage | 5 | Desire for quantitative understanding and valuing truth aligns with the Sage. | | Hero | 4 | Commitment to skill development and making a positive impact reflects the Hero. | | Outlaw/Rebel | 5 | Extreme desire to challenge conventions and reject authority. | | Explorer | 5 | Driven by adventure, risk-taking, and valuing freedom, aligning with the Explorer. | | Creator | 5 | Focus on creating something unique and meaningful, seeing yourself as an innovator. | | Caregiver | 3 | Fulfillment in caring for others and compassion, though not a top priority. | | Magician | 4 | Interest in life's mysteries and belief in transformation and win-win solutions. | | Lover | 2 | While intimacy is valued, it's secondary to your main goals. | | Jester | 1 | Future-oriented and not prioritizing humor or lightness suggests a low fit. | | Everyman | 1 | Lack of need for others' approval and focus on not fitting in contrasts with the Everyman. | ## 🧠 My Personal Knowledge Management System <iframe src="https://link.excalidraw.com/readonly/DviU0fJZwiBdSiakPikb" width="100%" height="600px" style="border: none;"></iframe> ## Entrypoints - [[The Bible]] - [[Mental model cheatsheet]] - [[The Map is not the Territory]] --- - [[Poetry and science]] - [[The Game]] ## 🔗 Links - [Teach me something by sending an anonymous feedback](https://www.admonymous.co/louis030195) - [**louis030195.com**: Automatically updated website displaying various activities](https://louis030195.com) - [**github.com**: Talk is cheap, some things I created and open sourced](https://github.com/louis030195) - [**twitter.com**](https://twitter.com/@louis030195) - [**youtube.com**: My Youtube channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQyHp-A6Y4hwRt7qmi_TYOQ) - [**goodreads.com**: My book tracking on Goodreads](https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/103091881-louis-beaumont) - [**linkedin.com**: Networking](https://www.linkedin.com/in/louis030195) ## ☕️ Let's chat Anything that aligns with your interests? Let's chat **☕️ Remote Coffee** Duration: **15 mins** [See all available times](https://cal.com/louis030195/cof)