# [[Epistemic status]] #shower-thought #to-digest # Changelog ```dataview TABLE WITHOUT ID file.mtime AS "Last Modified" FROM [[#]] SORT file.mtime DESC LIMIT 3 ``` # Related > [!NOTE]- Related # TODO > [!TODO] TODO # Sexual orientation >First, there are at least three different senses of the phrase “sexual orientation.” One can be called primary sexual orientation and refers to whom one is sexually attracted to—men, women, both (bisexual), or neither (asexual). Another is gender identity—whether one subjectively feels like a man or woman, feels like both, or neither. Still another is sexual behavior, referring to the gender of the individuals with whom one actually has sex. >~ [[David M. Buss]] ## Sexual orientation is partly [[Genome|genetic]] >A number of twin studies show that sexual orientation is moderately heritable, suggesting a partial genetic basis. ~ [[David M. Buss]] ## Women switch orientation more easily than men >Another difference is that women appear able to switch orientations more easily, evidence of the greater flexibility of their sexuality. Anecdotally, there is the “LUG” phenomenon found in women’s colleges—Lesbian Until Graduation. The actress Anne Heche lived for several years in a lesbian relationship with comedienne and actress Ellen Degeneres. After they broke up, Heche married a man and had a child with him. Similarly, some women marry when they are young, have children, and then in middle age switch to a lesbian lifestyle. >~ [[David M. Buss]]