#business More like very practical thoughts, see [[Business 🔨]] for meta-thoughts. - [[How to build the future]] - [[Business/Ideas]] - [[Wealth]] - [[Entrepreneurship]] All startups are born in [[Mediocristan]] and a few reach [[Extremistan]]. ### Non classified - [[Cofounder questions]] - [[Interesting new things]] ### Thoughts >The struggle for existence never gets easier. However well a species may adapt to its environment, it can never relax, because its competitors and its enemies are also adapting to their niches. **Survival is a zero-sum game.** Success only makes one species a more tempting target for a rival species. ~ [[Matt Ridley]] >He also deduced the inevitability of divergence or diversification-the fact that any successful type would inevitably diverge into two or more diverse types, each adapted to a somewhat different habitat or niche or way of life. ~ [[Julian Huxley]] about [[Darwin]], introduction to **The Origin of the Species**.