[Obsidian AVA](https://github.com/louis030195/obsidian-ava) AI generated tags: #neuroscience #biology #information #epistemology #knowledge #intelligence #physic #mathematic #computing #ai # [[Epistemic status]] #shower-thought # Related - [[Brain]] - [[Jeff Hawkins - A Thousand Brains_ A New Theory of Intelligence]] - [[Humanity's knowledge is obsolete]] - [[AI generated information is not necessarily evil]] - [[Existential risk]] # Artificial intelligence ![[DALL·E 2022-06-21 14.22.40 - A man renting his brain to a robot, digital art.png]] ## Is predicting the future, understanding? >To make predictions, the brain has to learn what is normal—that is, what should be expected based on past experience. My previous book, On Intelligence, explored this idea of learning and prediction. In the book, I used the phrase “the memory prediction framework” to describe the overall idea, and I wrote about the implications of thinking about the brain this way. I argued that by studying how the neocortex makes predictions, we would be able to unravel how the neocortex works. >~ [[Jeff Hawkins]] ## [[Existential risk]] >The most serious threats to humanity are linked to the blind and uncontrolled progress of [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|Knowledge]] (thermonuclear weapons, manipulations of all kinds, ecological disruption, etc.). I would like to show that these errors, ignorances, blindnesses, perils have a common character which results from a mutilating mode of organization of [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|Knowledge]], unable to recognize and apprehend the complexity of reality. ~ [[Edgar Morin]] **Artificial intelligence** is way more dangerous, but we can forgive [[Edgar Morin]], it was not yet discovered. [[Disjointed thinking]] in **AI** innovation is probably what will cause the next catastrophe in human society, we just push the algorithms further and further, without understanding our [[Mind]], we're like running blindfolded, with a knife in the hand. ![[DALL·E 2022-06-21 14.23.19 - A man renting his brain to a robot, digital art.png]] If humanity survives, it will, like all major events, be beneficial to the [[Genome]], but detrimental obviously to the individual (i.e. world wars, nuclear bombs, Covid-19...). Though it is a possibility that we may not, [[The Walking Dead Is Not A Fiction]]. ## Artificial general intelligence is very specialized Humans build **intelligence** based currently on human intelligence which is itself extremely specialized to our sciences, [[Artificial intelligence is the aggregate of human society]]. So-called general **artificial intelligence** is a general intelligence within the very **weak and narrow human intelligence**. The **artificial intelligence** that humans are building will probably discover an **intelligence** external to human **intelligence** and maybe we will manage to merge and follow the machine in this direction. Thus we will likely **break free from our dogmatic three-dimensional world and assume completely [[Relativity]],** we will be released from the notion of absoluteness. ## Proprietary AI will terminates humanity #guru ![[Proprietary AI will terminate humanity]] ## ~ - https://vkrakovna.wordpress.com/ai-safety-resources/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/234784524_Artificial_Intelligence_meets_natural_stupidity