[Obsidian AVA](https://github.com/louis030195/obsidian-ava) AI generated tags: #computing #ai #llm #transhumanism #idea #business #meta #knowledge #education #computing #ai #llm #transhumanism #idea #business # [[Epistemic status]] #shower-thought #to-digest # Related - [[Obsidian plugin or templater ideas]] - [[AI-Personalised education space]] - [[Obsidian brain matching]] - [[Open-endedness]] - [[Computing/Ideas/Multimodal AI assisted knowledge management]] - [[Philosophy/Art/Obsidian Ava]] - [[Computing/The future of GitHub Copilot]] - [[Computing/Obsidian as a replacement of the browser]] - [[Computing/Memory palaces]] - [[Business/Ideas/Second-brain VR]] # Obsidian ava https://forum.obsidian.md/t/obsidian-ava-ai-assistant-for-obsidian/49704 https://www.reddit.com/r/ObsidianMD/comments/11apbhu/obsidian_ava_chatgptpowered_ask_questions_to_your/ https://github.com/louis030195/obsidian-ava > A personal learning assistant powered by AI I worked on AVA in ~jan 2023 for a month, we (2 tech guys) built & brought it to 14k users in a month then shifted our focus on https://github.com/different-ai/embedbase which grew to four figures and thousands of users embedbase ended up being stopped a few months later due to high churn %% - **Connect the dots**: connect individual pieces of information in your knowledge base. - **Point you in the right direction**: provide you with other areas of interest that you could explore further. - **Engage with the material**: suggest meetups or activities to engage with the learning materials. - **Remember what you learned**: create spaced-repetition prompts to help you remember what you've learned. A personal AI assistant Struggle to maintain the relationship between your thoughts consistent? Obsidian AI automatically connect your thoughts and helps you expand it Struggle to remember and connect ideas? Obsidian AI helps you connect your notes and learn 10x faster Do you ever feel like losing track of your important thoughts? Obsidian AI reduces the friction between your mind and computers, furthermore it helps connect everything more tightly in your mind. Ava is the precursor to brain computer interfaces, it drastically reduces friction between your mind and your digital identity Ava is the bridge between your mind and computers **Ava is the bridge between [[Homo Sapiens]] and [[Homo Deus]]** Ava is the bridge between Our memory is so volatile. Get back in control and persist and connect your thoughts to computers in a frictionless fashion Our memory is so volatile, have you ever noticed that your thoughts come, go, and disappear. Take back the pilot seat and augment your brain with Ava Brain computer interface are coming. Get ready for it with Ava. organize your messy information obsidian dat aunleveraged pay perosnality as a service why obsidian over syncth obsidian general purpose brain dump Why choose Obsidian over Syncth? Obsidian is a great tool for storing and organizing all your thoughts, ideas, and data in one place. It serves as a versatile "brain dump" that can be accessed and used in many different ways. Additionally, Obsidian offers Personality as a Service, which can help you manage your information more effectively. %%