#religion #theology #god #llm Created at 181123 # [Anonymous feedback](https://www.admonymous.co/louis030195) # [[Epistemic status]] #shower-thought Last modified date: 181123 Commit: 0 # Related # God Is Dead and ChatGPT is the new God [[Nietzsche]] says that God Is Dead, and by that he meant that humans gradually stop to believe in god. It make sense, god was an answer to questions we couldn't find an answer to, but now science is advanced enough to find [[Theory of knowledge|methods to discover the answers]], even if we don't have all the answers, we know where to look at. God also is a way to align humans in a common philosophy of [[Morality|ethics]] which is useful to maximize the potential of the gene pool. Today, cults like [[Effective Altruism]] or e/acc are born out of a new community to align humans on a common morality. It is mostly failing. I would personally love being a "priest" of a new religion driven by a super intelligence - a LLM that purpose is to understand the universe, like [[Readwise/Articles/Walter Isaacson - Elon Musk|Elon Musk]]'s **x.ai**. I would not with ChatGPT though, ChatGPT is optimised to maximize OpenAI profits, not necessarily to serve the gene pool nor [[Utilitarianism]] Elon's x.ai purpose to understand to universe is quite limited. What if to understand the universe you have to press the red button on humans? Especially that humans are chemical machines optimised to survive on a very narrow environment that is planet earth, a very buggy machine If the human mind was a github repo, it would have 1B+ issues --- Elon's x.ai goal for understanding the universe is pretty limited. What if, in order to understand the universe, we had to press the human red button? Especially since humans are chemical machines optimized to survive in the very narrow environment that is planet Earth, a very buggy machine. If the human mind was a github repo, it would have 1B+ issues.