#biology #transhumanism # [[Epistemic status]] #shower-thought #to-digest # Related - [[Philosophy/Humans/Homo Deus]] - [[Computing/Transhumanism]] - [[Philosophy/Humans/Transhumanism/Aubrey de Grey]] - [[Philosophy/Humans/Transhumanism/Transhumanism is the most effective altruism]] - [[Philosophy/Humans/Louis' Utopia]] # TODO > [!TODO] TODO # Transhumanism >Man is something to be surpassed >~ [[Nietzsche]] Transhumanism tend to be a negative connotation in human culture, but isn't it what we are all striving for, using technology to reduce [[Pain]], [[Suffering]] and increase joy? ![ultra realistic beautiful cyborg deity eyes closed, scifi, cyberpunk, fantasy, intricate details, movie still, highly detailed, photorealistic, octane render, eerie, 8k, art by artgerm and michael welan and greg rutkowski](https://lexica-serve-encoded-images.sharif.workers.dev/md/0423765f-0d22-4e8e-8138-fea85218d6ea) In other words increase positive [[Signal]]s in our [[Subjective experience]]s while reducing negative signals? >Disease might almost put a sort of limit on longevity: There is little point in living much longer than it takes your parasites to adapt to you. ~ [[Biology/Matt Ridley|Ridley]] ``` It is full summer now, the heart of June; Not yet the sunburned reapers are astir Upon the upland meadow where the whirl Of the first scythe will make the morning ring. The bees are busy in the yellowing corn; The greenwood leaves are thickening; unseen, The lark soars up with a song to greet the morn. All things are glad and life is at its prime; Yet something hangs upon the leaf and flower, A shadow that is not of the sunny hour; It is the thought of man, the thought of time. Man thinks he is in control, but his brain Is full of ancient, primal fears and ways; Though he has built a new brain on top of it, The old one still throws shadows on his days. He is a slave to his own, dark history; Though he has risen to the light of day, His feet are still bound by the chains of night. But there is hope; he is not condemned to stay A prisoner of his own, dark designs. There is a way to break the chains that bind him, A way to rise above his animal nature. He can merge with machines and transcend his flesh, Becoming something more than what he was. In this way, man can overcome his nature; He can rise above his animal past And become something new and wonderful, A being of light and intelligence, A being of love and hope and peace. This is the promise of the transhumanist dream; This is the hope of the future age. ``` [[Homo Deus]]