#intelligence #mind #knowledge #wisdom #computing # [[Epistemic status]] #schroedinger-uncertain # Related - [[Machine Learning Street Talk (MLST) - 81 JULIAN TOGELIUS - Prof. KEN STANLEY - AGI - Games - Diversity & Creativity UNPLUGGED]] # Intelligence Intelligence is the ability to generate low [[Kolmogorov complexity]] strings A high intelligence human will [[Conversation|conversation]] a low intelligence human at a low resolution ![[DALL·E 2022-06-26 18.22.03 - Intelligence, by Picasso.png]] ## [[Science|Scientific]] >Intelligence is created through thousands of small models of the world, where each model uses reference frames to store knowledge and create behaviors. >~ [[Jeff Hawkins]] >In the end, our quest to understand the brain, our quest to understand intelligence, boils down to figuring out what a cortical column does and how it does it. >~ [[Jeff Hawkins]] >He said that the fundamental unit of the neocortex, the unit of intelligence, was a “cortical column.” Looking at the surface of the neocortex, a cortical column occupies about one square millimeter. It extends through the entire 2.5 mm thickness, giving it a volume of 2.5 cubic millimeters. By this definition, there are roughly 150,000 cortical columns stacked side by side in a human neocortex. You can imagine a cortical column is like a little piece of thin spaghetti. A human neocortex is like 150,000 short pieces of spaghetti stacked vertically next to each other. >~ [[Jeff Hawkins]] ## [[Metaphysical]] I’d call it organic intelligence. Any form of **intelligence** is subjective to the objectives of the [[Agent]] possessing that **intelligence**. >"The ability of a system to act appropriately in an uncertain environment, where appropriate action is that which increases the probability of success, and success is the achievement of behavioral subgoals that support the system’s ultimate goal.” Albus (1991) >~ [[Shane Legg]] Is **intelligence** related to [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|knowledge]]? >skill in achieving whatever it is you want to attain in your life within your sociocultural context — meaning that people have diferent goals for themselves, and for some it’s to get very good grades in school and to do well on tests, and for others it might be to become a very good basketball player or actress or musician.” Sternberg >~ [[Shane Legg]] There is no such thing as general **intelligence**. It is likely that our **intelligence**, will become obsolete when we will merge with machine (especially #ai), and everything we know will be throw to the trash. # Intelligence, space-time ![[Intelligence, space-time]] # random ![[Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 17.37.32.png]] # There is not a single type of intelligence - Some animals see the world in two dimension - extra-terrestrial intelligence - other animals basically -