#mind #purpose #rationality #knowledge #health #wealth # [[Epistemic status]] #godel-uncertain # Related - [[Philosophy/Rationality/Hack/Goal|Goals]] - [[Product discovery]] # TODO - [x] apply successfully [[Product discovery]] to personal goals (outcome, opportunity, solution...) # My life goals <iframe style="border-radius:12px" src="https://open.spotify.com/embed/episode/6iWI8royig5weBFQFOhbJv?utm_source=generator" width="100%" height="352" frameBorder="0" allowfullscreen="" allow="autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; fullscreen; picture-in-picture"></iframe> >The mind that has no fixed aim loses itself, for, as they say, to be everywhere is to be nowhere. >~ [[Montaigne]] Though I consider my goals more as systems, i.e., I want to learn, get fit/live long, and get more wealthy everyday rather than achieving X or Y. >A calm mind, a fit body, and a house full of love. These things cannot be bought. They must be earned. >~ [[Naval Ravikant]] Using [[Warren Buffet Goals]], in order of importance. ## Long-run measures of human well-being On average, these are the key factors of human well-being:[^1] - Subjective well-being - Physical health - Economic well-being - Energy capture - Social well-being # Goals > [!NOTE] Privacy Now partly private, why? [[Data privacy]] I wouldn't mind sharing, just ask me. > [!NOTE] Tree/Graph > Table > >Instead of managing an opportunity backlog, we’ll use an opportunity solution tree to help us map out and understand the opportunity space. The tree structure will help us visualize and understand the complexity of the opportunity space. > >~ [[Teresa Torres]] > >A tree structure allows us to better understand our outcome-opportunity-solution space data structure. ## [[Product discovery|Discovery]] I will use the awesome method from [[Continuous Discovery Habits_ Discover Products That Create Customer Value and Business Value|this book]] which is used to prioritize product opportunities in a company. ### Fill the deepest gaps >We want to prioritize important opportunities where satisfaction with the current solution is low, over opportunities that are less important or where satisfaction with current opportunities is high. >~ [[Teresa Torres]] ### Quantified friction >Opportunity sizing helps us answer the questions: How many customers are affected and how often? >~ [[Teresa Torres]] ## [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|Knowledge]] [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|Knowledge]] beget [[Biology/Transhumanism/Transhumanism|health]] and [[Wealth|wealth]]. [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|Knowledge]] frees the mind. Current state of my outcome-opportunity-solution mapping (without solutions for privacy): ![[Pasted image 20220726075614.png]] ### [[People space]] score A mean to score how valuable is a [[Relationships|relationship]]. Yes, it sounds very egoistical and maybe inhuman/too rational? But in the end deep inside, fundamentally we are doing this unconsciously. ![[Pasted image 20220721072147.png]] ### Mentions - [[Rationality]] - [[Philosophy/Rationality/Love|Love]] - [[The learned necessarily holds higher ethics]] - [[Effective Altruism]] - [[Extreme-radical-honesty.transparency]] - [[Getting stuck in local minima]] - [[Morality|Ethics]] - [[Epistemic hygiene]] ## [[Biology/Transhumanism/Transhumanism|Health]] [[Biology/Transhumanism/Transhumanism|Health]] beget [[Wealth|wealth]]. [[Biology/Transhumanism/Transhumanism|Health]] frees the body. Current state of my outcome-opportunity-solution mapping, according to [[Lifespan optimisation]]: ![[Pasted image 20220721072632.png]] My goal with health is both longevity and, underestimated among [[Biology/Transhumanism/Transhumanism|transhumanists]], fitness, i.e. how you feel in the now, energy and body shape influences your mind. Also [[Halo effect]]. ## [[Wealth]] [[Wealth]], in a sort of virtuous circle, beget [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|knowledge]] and [[Biology/Transhumanism/Transhumanism|health]] but I believe [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|knowledge]] and [[Biology/Transhumanism/Transhumanism|health]] are required first. Trade [[Money]] for [[Philosophy/Rationality/Time|time]], not time for [[Money|money]], time is finite. [[Wealth]] frees time. Current state of my outcome-opportunity-solution mapping is too immature. %% ![[Pasted image 20220703083826.png]] The only opportunity I envision is https://inkdrop.ai %% [^1]: https://lukemuehlhauser.com/industrial-revolution/