#rationality #humans # [[Epistemic status]] #shower-thought #to-digest Last modified date: 2022-12-30 20:27 Commit: 2 # Related - [[Thousand Masks]] - [[Belief]] - [[Values]] - [[You become your environment]] - [[Environment design]] # TODO > [!TODO] TODO # Wear a mask for long enough and you become the mask ![detailed portrait of a pig in a tuxedo, illustration by Paul Gustave Doré](https://lexica-serve-encoded-images.sharif.workers.dev/md/04815369-58b2-4344-818d-d36b80656986) >Your beliefs become your thoughts, >Your thoughts become your words, >Your words become your actions, >Your actions become your habits, >Your habits become your values, >Your values become your destiny. >~ [[Mahatma Gandhi - Gandhi An Autobiography|Mahatma Gandhi]] ![tintype photographs of shamans, telepaths, masked heroes, irradiated humans, and monster hunters ](https://lexica-serve-encoded-images.sharif.workers.dev/md/0013f15a-0c43-44e6-8d8f-eec11f8099c5) ![beautiful ceremonial bilaterally symmetrical goat mask, classical ornamental design, fibonacci flow, acroteria, encarpus, shield emblem, large medium and small elements, by russ abbott, albrecht durer, artgerm, rutkowski, professional product photo, rendered in octane, 8 k ](https://lexica-serve-encoded-images.sharif.workers.dev/md/01dea043-0948-4e0b-b0f1-da9aa078606a) The mask, once donned, slowly becomes one with its wearer. Its contours settle into the curves of their face, its colors merging with the hues of their skin, until it is no longer a mask, but an extension of their identity. As if the power of will and thought could be transferred to the mask, the wearer, over time, is transformed into a reflection of it. >Wear a mask for long enough and you become the mask. >~ [[Louis/louis030195]] ![a beautifully sculpted mannequin made of onyx with gold lace masquerade face mask, ornamented, opulent, kintsugi, confident, serene desert setting, innovative avant - garde art, photorealistic portrait, crisp quality and light reflections, clean linework, finely detailed, 4 k, rule of thirds, trending on artstation, volumetric lighting, octane render ](https://lexica-serve-encoded-images.sharif.workers.dev/md/06f7b432-6741-4eb9-9641-980093b00a09)