![[map-territory1.png]] If you like what you find here, please consider contacting me for [[Social experiment|a social marathon]]. # Tags ![[Tags]] # I use [[Epistemic status]] for my brain safety (and eventually your) # Introduction **Everything I write here is, obviously, subjective to my goals and may not be [[Objectivity|objective]] to you.** If you are here to understand my [[Mind]], I believe that someone personality is defined by its inputs and outputs, therefore you can head to [[My Brain food]] for inputs as an example. You can also try my experimental note [[Louis - Cheatsheet]]. ## Why **An unwritten thought is a [[Wasted thought]]**. >[[Book|Reading]] makes a full man, [[Meditation]] a profound man, [[Conversation|Discourse]] a clear man. ~ [[Benjamin Franklin]] Writing allows you to connect the points of [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|knowledge]] with each other and/or create stronger connections. Here I write some of my thoughts in the form of disordered notes, especially for myself, I try to avoid copy-paste as much as possible, it's not Wikipedia, probably the only thing I copy paste is quotes which relates a lot with my [[Philosophy/Epistemology/Knowledge|knowledge]], and therefore expand it. >A room without [[Book|book]]s is like a body without a soul. ~ [[Cicero]] ## My second brain to this day This [awesome software](https://obsidian.md) roughly display a digital version of my [[The Map is not the Territory|map of the territory]] (at least what I was able to put into writing): ![[graph.gif]] I usually write with sort of analogies, because that's how human beings [[Philosophy/Rationality/Learning|learn]]. If you ever notice any incorrect [[Information|information]], I would love to learn. For a more detailed description of this experience, see [[Meta]]. # Changelog ![[Changelog]] # Links ![[Links]]