The Social Media Bible - ![rw-book-cover|200x400]( ## Metadata - Author: **** - Full Title: The Social Media Bible - Category: #articles - URL: ## Highlights - ![]( ([View Highlight]( ## New highlights added June 11, 2024 at 1:11 PM - Rule One: Social media is all about enabling conversations among your audience or market ([View Highlight]( - The second rule addresses a natural consequence of enabling conversations: You cannot control those conversations. You can only influence them. This means that your audience really owns your brand. They will determine what your brand or your company means to them and the value it has in their lives. This applies to both customers and employees. ([View Highlight]( - Rule Two: You cannot control conversations with social media, but you can influence them. ([View Highlight]( - Rule Three: Influence is the bedrock on which all economically viable relationships are built. ([View Highlight]( - How do you determine content? Your content consists of:  Products and services you promote on the Internet;  Expertise you package, often to complement your products and services;  Things you allow or encourage your audience to contribute; and  Conversations about your content that you enable, influence, and archive. ([View Highlight](