Only the Paranoid Survive - Andrew S. Grove ![rw-book-cover]( ## Metadata - Author: [[Andrew S. Grove]] - Full Title: Only the Paranoid Survive - Category: #books ## Highlights - If you run a business, you must recognize that no amount of formal planning can anticipate such changes. Does that mean you shouldn't plan? Not at all. You need to plan the way a fire department plans: It cannot anticipate where the next fire will be, so it has to shape an energetic and efficient team that is capable of responding to the unanticipated as well as to any ordinary event. Understanding the nature of strategic inflection points and what to do about them will help you safeguard your company' well-being. It is your responsibility to guide your company out of harm's way and to place it in a position where it can prosper in the new order. Nobody else can do this but you.