Tweets From Louis030195 - @louis030195 on Twitter ![rw-book-cover|200x400]( ## Metadata - Author: **@louis030195 on Twitter** - Full Title: Tweets From Louis030195 - Category: #tweets - URL: ## Highlights - Men are like clouds. They are driven forward by a mysterious and invisible wind against which they are powerless. They think they are in control and laugh at the weakness of the clouds, but their wind is a thousand times stronger than the one blowing up there. ([View Tweet]( - Tags: #wisdom - The software with the most bugs is the human mind ([View Tweet]( - Ultimately, every human endeavor is a quest towards a state of flow, letting ourselves be guided by a mysterious wind that will let us forget the unbearable pain of existence. ([View Tweet]( - Copyright and data privacy belongs to the past. ([View Tweet](